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We are happy to receive your experiences as they form the foundation of our site. Likewise we want and work to make Superevisor a safe and reliable source for YOU. Your contribution is essential to make the content sharing processes quick and to help us just follow a few simple rules. With this logic we have created the general rules of the site, a few simple indications for optimal contents. We thank the community of our users for the scrupulous observance of the following for the benefit of all.

1. For everyone

Reviews must be free of any kind of sexually explicit comment, prejudice, threat and / or personal insult. Any type of content describing or portraying personal holdings or admonitions to illegal activity or content with meticulous descriptions of deaths, injuries or violent criminal acts will be removed. Any reviews containing any of these things will be removed without posting.

2. New/original

Avoid the publication of content reported by other sources, the reviews written on our site must be inspired exclusively by your own experience. Our platform aims to be a place of information and exchange useful for everyone. Any content copied from other websites, reviews, emails or printed material will be removed.

3. Without commercial end

Content offered in exchange for personal benefits, such as gifts, services or money, will be removed. Superevisor reserves the right to reject URLs at its discretion.

4. Relevant and Useful

Our platform is completely dedicated to the world of electric mobility, i.e. vehicles, products, accessories or services operating in the sector. The goal is to enrich the knowledge and expertises of the global community. Consequently, any reviews or questions whose content does not deal with topics related to the electrical world will not be published.

5. Free and respectful

We do not accept any type of content that may even slowly promote intolerance towards people or groups of people on the basis of race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or nationality. Additionally, content that encourages boycott or defamation campaigns of any facility will be removed.

6. Respectful of privacy

Superevisor respects the right to privacy of its users, businesses and structures on the platform. We remind you not to disclose personal data and sensitive information, personal financial data such as credit card numbers, loyalty rewards codes or other financial information. Content of this type will be removed both in the case of reviewer data and third party data. We also remind you not to disclose entry codes or passwords of any kind.

We do not allow users to post reviews containing the full names (including last name) of other people. Possible exceptions:
• Employees of the company or accommodation facility being reviewed who are commonly referred to in the company with their surname or who have participated in the management of social media with their full name and place of work;
• The facility name includes the surname of the appointed employee;
• Management-level employees representing large chains;
• Celebrity;
• Any employee of a facility who responds to reviews on Superevisor using their surname;
• The full names of public professionals such as doctors, lawyers, etc.

7. Plain and Simple

We are a platform that speaks to everyone, which is why we want to make content understandable without difficulty and, therefore, useful. Your help lies in writing texts with the correct alphabet of your language and avoiding using automatic translation tools that would make the review difficult to read.

8. Focused on the subject of reference

Any content, question or review must be solely and solely inherent to the reference subject being described and answered. Therefore, we always invite you to make sure to add comments for the correct profile on Superevisor. The content must relate to the specific profiles of vehicles, products, accessories, services and facilities that meet the listing requirements.

9. Indications for reviews of accommodation facilities (hotels, restaurants, etc.)

Our platform is completely dedicated to the world of electric mobility. In reviewing accommodation facilities such as hotels, restaurants, etc. first of all it is necessary to enter information regarding the charging facilities or other useful information for travelers from this point of view.
Other info such as eg. the quality of the food and the cleanliness of the rooms must be secondary and are not essential for publication.
Profiles of structures and / or places not equipped with charging infrastructures or other services for electric travelers will not be published.

10. Indications for reviews of people

Reviews of people are to be understood as the expression of personal judgments strictly and exclusively related to the professional work of the person in question in the field of electric mobility.
Any other subject matter of review, even if referring to the person, will not be published.
Details relating to personal life, physical characteristics or, more generally, any other information not relating to professional life or aspects that go beyond electric mobility must therefore be absolutely avoided. Aggressive or grumpy tones, threats, insults or any other form of intolerance will not be accepted.

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