We argue that the best product recommendations come from their actual users.

We argue that freedom of opinion is our guiding principle.

We believe that real information from global users is the best source of information for making informed purchases.

We argue that the world of electric mobility, being new to everyone, needs more than ever information and the sharing of real user experiences.

We maintain that appreciation and criticisms addressed in a sincere and constructive way are fundamental for the continuous improvement of the products by the companies involved.

We argue that the interaction of companies with their customers' feedback is an indispensable form of dialogue.

We argue that a complete moderation of published content is to the benefit of our community of users to ensure a user experience capable of returning real and transparent information without external conditioning.

We argue that the spread of electric mobility can significantly contribute to keeping the air in our cities and our planet healthier and cleaner and also provide important support in the fight against climate change by reducing CO2 in the atmosphere.

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