Request an Owner profile

If you want to open a page dedicated to your product or service or you want to request ownership of a page already present on the site in order to manage your content in the best possible way, you need to create a PREMIUM page.
To activate this status it is necessary to pass an approval phase in which you are asked to send a document, title deed, certificate of incorporation or registered users, proving the ownership of the page in question.
It is possible to have one or more Premium pages under management.

The advantages you will have by activating a PREMIUM page are many, including:
- Profile page with logo and complete information
- Possibility to insert multiple photographs
- Photo gallery slideshow on the page
- Possibility to insert videos
- Answer any questions that users leave on their pages
- Respond to all reviews that are left
- Show the community that you have control over the pages dedicated to your products

A page with PREMIUM status can be opened directly or upgraded from a STANDARD page exclusively by the owner. It is not possible to request ownership of a STANDARD page.

Procedure for requesting a Owner profile :
to request a profile you must go to the desired page, click the three dots at the top right and select the item "request page". A form will then open to fill in, you will have to enter your data together with a document certifying the ownership of the page in question. The request will be examined by our team and, once approved, you will receive a confirmation email in order to proceed with the payment to complete the procedure. Then, you will find the list of pages you own in the user dashboard.

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