Commercial solutions

Users are given the opportunity to register, write reviews, ask questions to companies, insert new products and use Superevisor for free at any time.
Even companies can use our basic service for free to insert the pages of their products and services.
We also offer services on request that allow you to receive additional benefits from using the platform.

The product pages can have a STANDARD (free) or PREMIUM (on request) status.

User profiles can have STANDARD (free) or PRO (on request) status.

Below you will find information, features and prices of the various types of pages and user profiles of Superevisor:

Types of product pages


Anyone can insert a page with STANDARD status by clicking on the "add a product" button on the pages of the site.
  • Profile page with basic information
  • Possibility to insert multiple photographs
  • Photo gallery slideshow on the page
  • The standard status page cannot be managed or administered by the owner and it is not possible to answer questions or reviews


75 /month
A page with PREMIUM status allows you to have detailed information on a product or service and can be opened directly or upgraded from a STANDARD page exclusively by the owner.

(Price including VAT)
  • Profile page with logo and complete information
  • Possibility to insert multiple photographs
  • Photo gallery slideshow on the page
  • Possibility to insert videos
  • Answer any questions that users leave on their pages
  • Respond to all reviews that are left
  • Show the community that you have control over the pages dedicated to your products


Contact the Sales Team
For companies (e.g. car manufacturers, etc.) that have many products please contact the Sales Team to receive personalized economic proposals.

Types of users


Status designed and dedicated to everyone, enthusiasts, early adopters, newbies, you can become Superevisor without conditions.
  • Access the platform without limits
  • Write reviews on any product and service
  • Share your experiences with the Superevisors community
  • Ask questions about any product or service


40 /month
This type of user is aimed at electric mobility professionals (technicians, bloggers, journalists, producers, etc.) and in order to obtain it, it is necessary to provide suitable documentation to prove the required status.

(Price including VAT)
  • Gain international visibility on the site
  • Get the EV PRO mark on your profile to highlight the reliability of your content
  • Create a highly personalized profile to promote your professional business
  • Photo and video gallery
  • Write reviews on any product or service
  • Our reviews will be highlighted with a blue background compared to the standard user
  • You are present in the index page dedicated to all PRO users worldwide

Payment transactions to obtain PREMIUM pages and PRO profiles can be managed directly through the Pay Pal payment system by following the instructions on the registration pages. If you want to use other customized payment systems, please contact our sales support.

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